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I’m Josh Taylor and I am a freelance Composer based in Detroit, Michigan. I have years of experience in composing and producing modern classical, hybrid orchestral, and otherwise cinematic music. I have produced original film scores in the ambient, jazz, ethnic, and orchestral music genres.

I provide professional services to clients, ensuring clear communication and mutual understanding of the creative needs of the project, minimizing rework, and maintaining a positive atmosphere throughout. How could music not be fun?

Media Scoring

Media Scoring

Music production for synchronization to video or other media

Maximize your audience impact with my musical score that follows, punctuates, and bookends your media with frame-accurate synchronization.
Music Production

Music Production

Includes production, mixing, and mastering

My music will be tailored for your project's stylistic and technical requirements.
Sound Design

Sound Design

Original sound effects and Foley produced and synchronized to your production

Add realism or surrealism to your production with my subtle or larger-than-life sound effects and Foley to ensure the immersion of your audience.
Freelance Composer Josh Taylor 'Headway to the Citadel' music background

Headway to the Citadel

A cinematic orchestral journey with strong melodies and moderate percussive energy.