Josh has composed underscores for short films submitted to film festivals, including the animated short Azadae for Oxinfree Studios’s submission to the Zanzibar International Film Festival (2014), the dramatic short React for Afrochic Films’s submission to the Trinity International Film Festival (2014), and the dramatic short Val’s Turn for It’s Like, But Not Productions’s submission to the NewFilmmakers New York Summer Screenings (2013).

Composer Josh Taylor bio

In his free time, Josh produces orchestral music with cinematic adventure-like qualities and practices producing any other genres for which he is equipped. He also performs music on French horn for various brass and wind ensembles in the Detroit area.

Josh’s pursuit of composition began with writing and performing his own piano music at age 14. His ear for composition was further honed by meticulous transcribing of music from his favorite video games and film soundtracks. Film music has always been what moves him the most; the combination of music and moving pictures has a way of enhancing both the film and the music itself, for when it is heard outside the context of the film. As such Josh spent much of his young life listening almost exclusively to film music.

Josh graduated with bachelors degrees in Music and Mechanical Engineering and received a certificate in Music Composition from Colorado State University in 2011. Since graduating, he has worked as a software developer for various companies, though he always finds time to practice and perform music

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